Youth Council share messages for the future

Youth Councillors get to work with their designs. Photo Supplied

The Waitaki District Youth Council engaged in some artistic vandalism this week, as they completed their improvements to the Harbourside Gardens.

The underappreciated gardens alongside the Oamaru Creek has been given a colourful upgrade, with local artist Wickesy creating a beautiful Oamaru mural and restoring the seating area and pergola.

The finishing touch is a series of messages from the 2024 Youth Council to the community, written on the benches and space on the mural and then varnished to protect it in the future.

Matthew Wicks discusses the work to be done

The Youth Council has a budget for community improvements. In recent years that has seen the welcoming addition of messages to the steps of Thames Street, and in the Harbourside Gardens they hope to create an instagrammable space for locals and tourists alike.

2024 Youth Council chair Sophie Notman of Waitaki Girls High School says: “The Oamaru mural is a great way to show what aspects the community portrays. Everyone in Oamaru can relate to one or more of the words written on the cool mural. Huge thanks to Wicksey for taking on this project, it has brightened up the once dull space. It is now a great attraction and space for locals and tourists to hang out.”

Cr Ryan says “It’s a great way to start the year for youth council, bringing some vibrancy to an area of town that might not be as appreciated as it could be. The 2023 Youth Council started this project, and the 2024 Youth Council is finishing it – it shows a nice continuity for their work”


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