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21st May, 12:37

Furious Game of Thrones star Kit Harington lashes out at critics

Kit Harington has angrily hit back at critics of Game of Thrones' long-awaited final season.The actor, who played Jon Snow in the TV phenomenon, admitted to feeling "quite defiant" amid heavy fan backlash over the final six episodes."Whatever...
21st May, 11:02

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals 'porn addiction'

Jada Pinkett Smith used to have a "porn addiction".The 47-year-old actress has admitted that "back in the day" before she began dating her now-husband Will Smith — with whom she has Jaden, 20, and Willow, 18 — she used to be addicted...
21st May, 10:34

Watch: New trailer for Stranger Things 3 conjures 80s pool party vibe

The latest trailer for Stranger Things 3 has arrived and highlights all that is good about an 80s summer pool party.'Mums lounging by the pool' is the dominant theme, with a handful of ladies ogling and competing for the attention...
21st May, 09:05

10 new dating terms to watch out for

Dating has never been more confusing. People make specific plans to meet up and then cut off all contact and block you. (That's called "cloaking.") Others might ghost and then attempt to come back from the dead. (Also known as zombie-ing.)...
21st May, 08:24

Teenager dies after terminal spine cancer misdiagnosed as arthritis

A Scottish teenager passed away over the weekend after her misdiagnosed arthritis turned out to be terminal spine cancer.Alix Cassidy's mother, Caron Cassidy, was horrified when she learned doctors had wrongly diagnosed her daughter.A...
21st May, 08:18

Woman sparks furious debate over 'excessive' toilet roll use

How many rolls of toilet paper do you use in one week?That's the question that has everyone second guessing themselves.A woman sparked the debate online after she claimed her household of three goes through nine rolls in seven...
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