Complaints about TV and radio broadcasts should be made to the Broadcaster in the first instance – unless they’re about privacy only, or election programmes, in which case you can send them straight to the BSA.

You need to have your complaint to the Broadcaster within 20 working days of the broadcast. If you’re not happy with the Broadcaster's response, you can refer your complaint to the Authority to review and investigate.

Only ‘formal complaints’ can go through the BSA process.

If you just want to let the Broadcaster know your concerns, or if it’s not an issue that can come to the BSA, it will be considered an "informal complaint". Feedback on other things such as programme selection should be made directly to the Broadcaster.

As an agency that deals with freedom of speech issues, the BSA values feedback. However, harmful communications to BSA staff – such as abusive or offensive comments and harassment – are never acceptable and may result in the Authority declining to determine your complaint.

Full details about the BSA complaints process are available here:

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