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Garden Talk With Noel - Garlic & Shallots

Gardening with Noel and Mitre 10 Mega Oamaru

Monday, June 20th, 2022 - 11 minutes

This week we discuss how now is the perfect time to get out in the garden and plant some garlic and shallots while the bulbs are still nice and fresh so that they will be ready in mid to late Summer next year ready for harvesting. If you've never grown garlic or shallots, Noel gives us the best advice on how to plant them correctly, how far apart they should be and what you can add to the soil to give the garlic and shallots the best nutrition. They are great starter plants as they are very easy and undemanding plus they can be grown in containers if you are short on garden space.

Listen now to learn how to grow your own NZ home grown garlic which is a staple meal addition for its delicious flavour plus it 's a useful ingredient to have in the garden. Home grown garlic tastes amazing in flavour and the satisfaction of growing your own at home to later enjoy in a meal is so much better than buying! It's important to plant them now as they like the cold short days and cooler times of the year to set and develop their roots.

If you have any questions for Noel or would like any advice please send us an email at hello@real104.con or leave a message at www.gardentalk.nz and we will cover it in a following episode. 


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