Police discuss CCTV to monitor unofficial car yard

June 03, 2019 - 130 views

Oamaru police are open to the idea of CCTV being installed to monitor the town's unofficial private car sales yard at Awamoa Park.

For years people have parked vehicles they wished to sell privately, including cars, boats and caravans, at the end of a sealed driveway by the Awamoa scout group den.

Over that time there have been numerous reports of vehicles being tampered with, damaged, having fuel siphoned from them and sometimes stolen from the park.

The most recent incident was over the weekend of May 11 and 12, when several vehicles were targeted.

One vehicle had its rear taillight smashed and a rear panel damaged.

Blair Wilkinson
Blair Wilkinson

A stereo was stolen from another after a lock was forced open.

Sergeant Blair Wilkinson, of Oamaru, said police had discussed the issue of CCTV with the Waitaki District Council in the past and remained open to the idea, if both parties agreed it was appropriate.

"Where the CCTV is positioned, there is discussion between police and the council as to where that is going to provide the best crime prevention and crime-solving opportunities for us, and look after ratepayers ... to the greatest advantage from the council's point of view.

"It certainly has a deterrent effect, but also there is a risk people will take steps to hide their identity.

"It does not mean people should be less aware of risks, or leave items of risk in places of vulnerability."

He said all incidents reported to police involving vehicles at the park had taken place at night.

Despite pleas from police for people to remove vehicles from the park at night, at times there could be up to 20 vehicles for sale there at any given time.

"If people are using it as a place to sell their vehicle, remove them overnight is our best advice."


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